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Efficient cash handling, through automatization

A standard cash management solution that keeps cash transactions affordable and makes cash processing more efficient through automation.

Smart safes for every entrepreneur

Optimize your cash management with our all-in-one solution without any upfront investment. Save time and money through the automation of your cash management and payment processes. Choosing Brink's Complete provides you with an all-in-one cash as a service solution for efficiently handling your cash. An intelligent safe, tailored to your needs, is installed at a suitable location in your store, office or business. You can securely deposit cash on-site, while we take care of maintenance and software updates. Your money is directly in your bank account when you want it. The safe is emptied by Brink's, eliminating the need for bank visits. This way, you have more time for more important matters, such as your customers.

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With Brink's Complete, you save time and money.

Deposit your cash turnover safely within the walls of your own business, with automatic reconcilliation and receive the deposited amount directly in your bank account the next working day.

Thanks to the cash management software 24Seven, you have a 24/7 overview of your cash flow with aggregated reporting.

Is the safe almost full? You need to order change? We automatically schedule a cash transport, so you don't have to worry about it.


B-Box, offers a cost-effective way to deposit cash, while ensuring the safety of the business and its employees. Count the amount you wish to deposit and place it in the special bag, declare it in the 24Seven app and place the bag in the B-Box. Your money is already in your bank account while we will take care of empting it before it fills up.


From €160 per month


BNF150 combines speed in the depositing process with simultaneous authentication. It has sufficient capacity for cash deposits and suits businesses with receipts up to 25k€ per week.


From €190 per month


Beam is a modern cash management solution suitable for larger deposits. With its bill acceptor and bundle reader, you can deposit at high speed and check the authenticity of banknotes at the same time. This provides you with greater convenience and security in managing large volumes of cash in your business.


From €285 per month


The closed cash register system for your business that replaces all manual activities and the processing of cash at the checkout. Employees do not have access to the money, and cash reconciliations and discrepancies are a thing of the past. Experience the convenience of automated cash management and focus on what really matters: customers.


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Simple cash processing: Automatic, Efficient, Easy.

Thanks to our cash solutions, you benefit from efficient cash processing, automatic cash transport, and continuous monitoring of your smart safe. Less hassle, more convenience.

  • Simplicity

    Automatic transport

    Safe almost full? We automatically schedule a cash transport so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Cash Flow

    Quick access to your money

    Your deposited turnover is directly credited to your bank account.

  • Convenience

    Change order

    You can easily and quickly order change at a time that suits you.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Time saving

    Less manual cash processing means more time for your core activities and the most important component: your customers.

  • Control


    24/7 insight through the online 24Seven portal means always having access to the right information and managing your finances online.

  • Crime prevention

    Safety first

    Since only Brink’s personnel has access to the safe, the risk of internal fraud and theft is minimized. A secure peace of mind.

24SEVEN insights

As a customer, you have 24/7 access to the Brink's 24Seven customer application, providing you with constant insights into your cash flow,matching each cash receipt with the relevant sales documents as legally (€500 limit) required to appear in your bank account, various reports and all the operational support to manage your deposits.

A smart safe is a sustainable choice

A smart safe not only contributes to safety, speed, and convenience but is also an environmentally friendly choice. This is because we can minimize the number of transports when using a smart safe. Brink's can monitor whether a safe is filling up, and when it's nearly full, we schedule transportation. Our couriers then empty the safe as soon as they are nearby. We only drive when necessary, thus minimizing our transportation impact.

Our consultants will happily assist you

Contact us today to inquire about our manned guarding and cash management services. We will be more than happy to explore together which of our solutions fit your business best.

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