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How can I recognize counterfeit money?

Since the introduction of the Euro, the amount of counterfeit money has increased. The euro banknotes are not easier to forge than older notes, but the market for euros is larger and therefore more profitable. Shopkeepers suffer a lot of damage from counterfeit money. It is very important that retailers can discover in good time whether money is counterfeit.

Detecting counterfeit money can be done by looking closely at notes and feeling them. This can be done by following the following four-step method:

1.Ink you can feel – In certain places on notes, the ink is raised. You can feel this ink by stroking the note with a finger. For example, the ink on the new 5-euro note can be felt along the left and right sides of the note.

2.Watermark – By holding a note up to the light, you can see whether it contains a watermark.

3.Emerald green number – When the note is tilted, the number must show a moving light effect.

4.Hologram – A rainbow effect must be seen in the hologram when the note is tilted.

A lot of the forged notes can be traced using the above method. However, counterfeiters are becoming increasingly inventive, the counterfeit notes are increasingly difficult to recognize with the naked eye.